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Coby TV Complaint - LCd TV repair SUCKS!
Coby TV Complaint

Coby TV Complaint


LCd TV repair SUCKS!

I bought a LCD flat screen TV from RA-LIN discount store in Syracuse, NY. It failed after about 5 months. I called several repair shops to get it repaired. All of them laughed at me for asking. Apparently COBY is famous for not repairing their TVs. They will not send parts to any TV repair shops, but they will not repair it themselves. DO NOT BUY COBY PRODUCTS.

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Nancie says: (6 years ago)
Very sad to read these reviews - thought I was buying a good product, FEB 2013 bought a 32" Coby widescreen for our TV room, what a joke, used it only a few times and in the middle of a movie it went black, get sound but no picture, turned it off, unplugged it... called the store, my 30 day return policy is up so no return, call Coby and get beeping signal, like no phone service... seriously? I am ticked (could use a better word!) what a waste of money, now what? I can pay to have it carted off...

Boom says: (8 years ago)
OMG! I bought one in late 2009 to use as a computer monitor used it for hours every day now,(2012)it went black and won't turn on.. I was looking for a repair center online and saw this, damn I didn't know it was this bad. so none of you had your coby fixed? ah man.. this is gonna be one big paper weight!!!

cobyhater says: (8 years ago)
DON'T BUY COBY! First Coby LCD TV broke within 90 days, that one was replaced by the store. 10 months later screen is black and it won't turn! By the looks of all the feedback I will be putting it out in the trash!

Peter2011 says: (8 years ago)
Coby is certainly the best crap you could ever buy. Some of my friends purchased som their products and they seriously regret the quality is very poor!!!!

I met someone who worked at Coby, she told me that they don't care about the quality of the products. All they care is sales. They pay very very poorly their regular staff.

MadRetiree says: (9 years ago)
Have same problem. Used Coby TV maybe 25 hours over several months in guest room. Made loud, popping sound, then went black. Coby said must be power supply - sorry - no repair - made in China - use for boat anchor if no local repair. Is THAT customer service these days?! DO NOT BUY COBY!!

patk says: (9 years ago)
I bought my daughter a COBY flat screen TV. After about 6 months the screen went black and Coby told me I was out of luck!!! I think COBY should be out of business!!!!!!!!!!

takenbycoby says: (9 years ago)
The designer or engineers of this company must be on heroin and crack on the same time. The 1524 lcd antenna/cable port is defective. It is impossible to get a good connection with the cable line because of the location they placed it. It broke off twice, after 3 months I am out of warranty. DON'T BUY COBY 'JOKES EVER. Thei technician advised me to go to the neighborhood repair shop.

cobymad says: (9 years ago)
I also had a problem with my Coby TV. The picture is blank and I was told too bad it’s out of warranty after 7 months. I have TV's as old as 15 years that still work. It will probably cost more to repair then what I paid for it. I concur "Do not buy Coby products". Spend the extra money for a quality set. I wish those that work at Coby the best of luck because I can see what will happen next once people see the quality and no longer buy their products. Start updating your resumes.

sybarite says: (10 years ago)
Ditto above. I bought a Coby TF-DVD1591 which is a 15" LCD TV with a built-in DVD player. I never used it for 1 month, then it developed a picture problem where there were green halo's around everything. Both digital TV and the DVD were affected. I continued to use this on my boat for the summer season not realizing that Coby only had a 90 day warranty. Upon contacting them for repair after the warranty I was told that they don't repair anything but replace during the 90 days. The tech at Coby told me that there was nothing he could offer me, and told me to pursue a local repair shop for service.

Lessons learned: NEVER buy a Coby product and pay attention to warranty terms.

oysterbay1 says: (10 years ago)
I bought the Coby TFDVD 2274 television and it is the worst purchase I ever made.

The cable ports are defective so in order to set up the digital box we had to use super glue which obviously does not work well. It's impossible to program the codes.

Buy.com where I purchased it basically said too bad, you're stuck with a lemon we will do nothing. Coby tech support said it was up to Buy.com to give me a refund. Paypal said they do not handle this type of dispute (!), so I am out a lot of money for something that isn't useful for anything but a doorstop. Buyer Beware!

LoriStarr says: (10 years ago)
i also bought a 15' flat screen for my daughter last Christmas..it was fine when it was hooked up to a cable box...but now without the cable box the remote will not get her any channels..she can only watch d.v.d."s..
defeats the purpose of her having a t.v. in her room to watch her shows..i wrote the company but no response..i will never buy another coby product..

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